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Horizon Plantations PLC has been established by the renowned Ethio-Saudi Arabian Sheik Mohamed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi and Ato Jemal Ahmed Abdishikur an Ethiopian investors as a private limited company in 2000 E.C. The company constituted to engage in large-scale farming and agro-processing endeavor through development and production of various types of oilseeds to be annexed with huge oil refining plant intended to contribute on the prevalent widely unmet edible oil demand of the nation.

 In line with this through anticipations of the investors to involve in the national economic development exertions, the company widely participated in privatization schemes of the government and gradually buyout large-scale public coffee estates/farms in the south-western part of the country besides a coffee processing & warehousing enterprise holding about 59 thousand square meters in the center of the metropolitan.

Duly it handed over inefficiently managed Bebeka coffee plantation situated in Bench-Sheko zone of the South-Western Regional States and Limmu coffee plantation in Jima zone of Oromia Regional State that amount more than 25 thousand hectares beside the huge coffee processing plant in Addis Ababa. Then, it had enormous investments to deliver significant improvements broadly exhibited in recent years in those organizations.

Our Vision

To be a persuasively competitive agriculture and agro-processing business firm in 2025 E.C. by its brand products throughout the East African region.

Our Mission

The prominent mission of the company is to remain a profitable business entity towards meeting & maintenance the demands of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders through environmental sensitive operating systems using modern technologies and innovations in agriculture and agro-processing sect.

Core Values

We adhere to our highest ethical values and conduct in our relationship with our customers, employees, the community, and the environment.

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