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Coffee Processing and Warehousing

Coffee Processing and Warehousing Enterprise was established in 1986 EC and it is among a pioneer enterprises with the largest services in processing and warehousing activities. Since its establishment the enterprise has been making valuable contributions towards the expansion of export coffee and the development of the country’s economy by providing processing and warehousing services to exporters of the sector.

Initially, the designed capacity of Coffee Processing and Warehousing Enterprise for processing export standard coffee and upgrading was 45,000 while the annual warehouse capacity is 55,000 tons per year;

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Processing Export Standard Coffee /Annual
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Annual Warehouse Capacity
The major clients of the Enterprise are different private exporting companies, farmers’ unions, and others, who are mainly engaged in coffee related business.

Coffee Processing

  • We provide Efficient processing for the nation’s indisputable export coffee
On top of processing and upgrade coffee to export standards, the Enterprise is also giving warehousing, parking and ground balance services to its clients.
  • Ease of Use
  • Flexible
  • Strong Security
  • High Quality
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